Moving Dogs into Northern Ireland (NI) From Great Britain (GB)


Moving dogs into Northern Ireland (NI) from Great Britain (GB)

In order to import dogs into NI from GB the following steps must be followed:

1.    The importer in NI must be registered as a ‘dog establishment’ with DAERA.

2.    Both the importer and exporter are registered on TRACES NT (the EU’s Trade Control and Expert System).

3.    Dogs must be microchipped.

4.    Dogs have an export health certificate. This must have been signed by an Official Veterinarian (OV) appointed by the appropriate authority in Great Britain.

5.    In order to notify DAERA of the dog(s)’ arrival, the importer or their agent in the EU must create a Common Health Entry Document for Live Animals (CHED A) on TRACES NT. This must be done at least 24 hours before the dogis due to arrive in Northern Ireland.

6.    The driver must then present the dog(s) for inspection with DAERA upon arrival. The drivershould have paper copies of all the relevant documentation as listed above.

The Law:

Balai directive (92/65/EC)

Pet Travel Regulation (Regulation (EU) 576/2013)

Regulation 2016/429; Article 3 (5), parts IV & V

See Guidance on Bringing Commercial transports of dogs cats and ferrets to NI from GB (1) (1).pdf ( for further information as to how to comply with the above.